Outgoing links not appearing in Outgoing links pane

Things I have tried

I’ve tried closing and re-opening Obsidian. I’ve tried switching the Outgoing Links core plug-in on and off.

What I’m trying to do

I’m trying to get outgoing links in my notes to appear in the Outgoing Links pane. See the screenshot. The pane shows 0 linked mentions. Is this a bug or am I missing something? I’m a brand-new user who started using Obsidian a day ago. I’m running Obsidian v.0.13.19 on Mac OS 11.5.2 (Big Sur). Thanks!

The number of outlinks in pane is correct.
Internal links (in the format wikilinks, i.e. [[note]]) one of the most powerful features of Obsidian. But this works only for internal links.
So, in “Backlinks” pane you see all the links to your note/page (links from other notes in your vaul); in “Outlinks” pane you see all links from your note to other notes. Internal links, not external links.
Because this, your links (in multiple formats: url, markdown format [title](image-url), etc) are not listed has “outgoing” links.

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