Outgoing Links could ignore Hashtags and Markdown Links

It would be a nice QOL improvement if the outgoing links plugin would not suggests words in Hashtags, because links [[]] in hashtags are not allowed anyways. This would declutter the interface and prevent braking tags.

CleanShot 2024-04-24 at 09.38.10

BTW the same applies for internal Links [[]], external MD links inside the []and () part, and codeblocks.

  • I cannot reproduce a hashtag being included as an outgoing link
  • Can you indicate why you feel that markdown links should not be considered outgoing links?

Hi, as you can see in my screenshot I have a note called Elli and if I have a tag that contains the file name as part of the tags, in my example #Elli/Gesundheit... the outgoing link plugin will suggests Elli as a link. Clicking on it would result in #[[Elli]]/Gesundheit... and this I consider as broken. It won’t act as a tag anymore and should not be suggested. The same applies for something like [Elli](https://some.extenal.link) or [[Elli is the name of my dog]]

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