"Outgoing links" are not appearing on the side bar

Things I have tried

Obsidian help file, bug reports.

What I’m trying to do

I would like to see the outgoing links for a note in the right side bar. But they don’t show up there even though I can see other things on the right side bar such as backlinks, graph, tags, etc.

I have enabled the “Outgoing links” core plugin too.

Here is a screenshot:

Notice that I have created both Note 1 and Note 2 in the same folder and same vault. Now I mention “Note 1” in Note 2. Note 1 should have been picked upon in some kind of an “outgoing links” pane on the side bar. But I don’t see that pane in the side bar. Then I thought since I am using this for first time, maybe outgoing links is in backlinks pane. It is not there either.

I know that the outgoing links is working because when I click on the three vertical dots on the side of the note and choose “open outgoing links” then it shows up at the bottom of the note horizontally. See below:

So why is this thing not showing up in the right side bar?

Any idea?

I figured it out myself! I just had to drag the outgoing links pane by its header tab. I could move it anywhere. When I dragged it to the right, it worked and now it can be seen on the right side bar.

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