Other uses for Daily Note

Hi guys,

So I deleted my daily notes because there were way to many notes clogging up my system.

However - I want to try again but take a different tact this time.

How are people using their daily notes but not in the traditional sense? I keep a daily log of what I do in Evernote so I won’t need it as a log as such. Like one thought I thought a Brain Dump but that could be similar to fleeting notes.


Tansy Bradshaw


I don’t use daily notes as a “diary” if you will.

I prefer to use Weekly Notes instead. Explained in a very simple way, i only add relevant information of the day, and since it’s a weekly note (52 a year) by the end of the year i make a yearly review and save what it’s important.

You can find the template i use here GitHub

More or less like in the print "sorry for so much redated information but … personal information :slight_smile: "


For me the Daily Note is a way for me to keep track of which projects I worked on during the week. So when I work on a project, I will have a single sentence in the daily note with a link to the project. This way, when I open a project note, I can use the backlinks to see which days I actually worked on the project.

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I do it similarily. In the diary I make an entry with the link to the project. The sub-items are enumerations concerning the project, where the reference to the date is important. (Possible decisions, experiments, ideas, …)

Entries on the project page are general information that are “always” valid and not daily-log worthy.

I hope this makes sense as I described it.

I really appreciate the different ideas and strategies here!

I have an approach that’s similar in spirit to @zektor’s but using the individual daily notes. I have a set of inline dataview fields for things that I might want to track/aggregate/review on a weekly or less-frequent basis.
For example, I have inline fields for the time I wake up, bed time, and any naps I take, and then elsewhere in my vault I have queries calculating how many hours of sleep I am getting or helping me notice that I have started going to bed later and later (eek!).
I also have an inline field for writing down what I am most proud of each day, and then I have a query of that field in my weekly review note so that I can think of what I am most proud of accomplishing across the whole week. This is not a full log - I really make myself pick 1 thing!

I don’t know about you, but sometimes I have the need to braindump things that will not be useful in the future. Maybe things I think of and decide not to do, or I’m having trouble putting my feelings into words, but the topic isn’t anything especially meaningful. I’m trying to build up a practice of getting things out of my head, and in these days of remote work and isolation that usually means writing or typing them. I don’t know how you define “fleeting notes” or what your process is there, so maybe this isn’t relevant, but for me having a not-blank location to dump thoughts in sometimes helps me get them onto the page.

Eager to see what else different folks have come up with!

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