Orphan notes


I’m new to note taking so I’ve been reading on this forum good practices to follow and noticed people hate having orphan notes, isn’t there a time where you have some of them without any link to anything else? Is it a bad note that way? For example imagine that my vault would consist of 5 to 6 different topics that aren’t correlated at all between each other, the only thing I can link is each separate topic to things from inside that topic, they won’t match to anything else in my view, is that an incorrect thing to do ?

Thank you!

I don’t think is an incorrect use per se. That said, you can get the most out of a program like Obsidian by creating links across your notes via internal links [[Like this]], #tags or frontmater fields (a.k.a. YAML). People who like to keep one only vault that holds personal and work information, tend to have sections of their vaults that re not connected to each other. It’s all in your use case!

It’s OK to have unlinked notes. They’re more likely to be forgotten because the only way to encounter them without looking for them is while browsing the file explorer (or using the Random Note feature), but Obsidian has good search.


I don’t think orphan notes are necessarily an indicator of poor note-taking (“incorrect” if you prefer). Orphaned notes, as @CawlinTeffid noted, are just more likely to be forgotten without proper care to return to them later. So if you end up having some sort of practice where you can find a way to return to these orphaned notes over time, then perhaps after some time they’ll no longer be orphaned because you’ve either been able to find other similar concepts or have formulated ideas that build off of these orphans.

My basic take is that an orphaned note is something with potential to eventually link with another note, but it won’t be linked without proper maintenance and care. So long as it doesn’t fall out of your general “view”, I don’t think it’ll be an orphan forever. I’m also a firm beleiver that you shouldn’t overload linking and look for links just to remove the “orphaned” status, and should instead be developing your information and knowledge naturally, and that a link will likely pop up along the way.