Organizing Multi-Day Class Notes or Standup Meeting Notes

I’m curious how others organize long-form, multi-day notes such as class notes.

I generally keep my content in one of 3 directories - Daily, Pages, and People. I just put everything other than Daily and People into Pages because it’s the least amount of organizational mental friction. I use a combo of Daily Notes, tags, and search for most retrieval so having a complex directory structure doesn’t make sense for me. I do browse the Pages dir frequently to just find random ideas and clean up.

I current have a directory called Notes and create a new file for each day of the class. So I have a file called “Class XYZ - Lecture 1”, “Class XYZ - Lecture 2”, etc. I do cross reference the note in my Daily Journal so I can easily see which days I created content.

I thought about dumping these into the Pages but am thinking it’d be obnoxious to see dozens of files named “Class XYZ - Day X”.

I thought about concat them all into one note but that’d be a huge note.

I thought about creating a subdir but that’d show up at top instead of alpha. I guess that’s no worse than having it be in a totally separate directory.

Anyway, thought I’d see how others deal with class note type content. I imagine standup meeting notes might pose a similar sort of problem.