Organizing different note domains?

new to Obsidian and really like what I see.

What I do not git immedeately is, how to organize stuff in the bigger picture.
Knowledge domains like:

  • my business
  • private
  • house renovation
  • home automation
  • bicycle / vehicle maintainence

A own vault for everything is overkill and I also want to link between them.
A workspace woun’t do it either, as they also are loaded exclusiviely, if I am not mistaken.

But how to separate logical groups out in the nodes?

Thanks for your input!

A workspace is just a saved layout (opened files, sidebar settings) - you can still open any file within your current vault. So I think that might be one solution to your problem.

Another possibility would be to establish MOCs (search the forum for this) for each overarching topic. In addition, you can use the homepage plugin in order to open a special note (your “homepage”, including for example direct links to your different topic overviews) each time you open obsidian.

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Folders and/or overview pages, maybe with some tags thrown in.

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MOCs sound great.

Navigable clustering with extra information if I want so.

Tagging is great as well, but gets messy soon in my experience.

Thanks for the tips!