Organize YouTube Links

I come across hundreds of YouTube videos that have useful information.
I created a note where I put links to these videos along with tags.

#Boxing/Training/Heavy-Bag #People/Mike-Tyson

I have 1000s of video links in this page, each with one or more tags.

It seemed like a good idea - but it’s sloppy when trying to retrieve information.

Does anyone have any suggestions?

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I recommend using read-it-later app along with Obsidian. The idea is to have raw and unprocessed content in your read-it-later app. Using your read-it-later app you can then process the content and prepare it for Obsidian. See Omnivore for example.

Omnivore isn’t very versatile when it comes to annotating video content. I believe this will be always the case with any read-it-later app. You can use separate tools to annotate videos. See Memex and Memex Obsidian integration. If I understand correctly, Memex is not supposed to replace read-it-later apps, but to enrich using your existing read-it-later app.

Tiago Forte have written about the importance of read-it-later apps. You should check his books and other writings.

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I. Google Keep (available on all platforms & syncs well)

… for capturing your youtube information
I would flatten out your tags(Keep Labels) as follows …

II. Obsidian Google Keep Importer

to get it into Obsidian.

III. (if so desired) Chrome/Safari extension to highlight, annotate, tag, ChatGPT summarize & save timestamps.
Glasp PDF & Web Highlighter + YouTube Summary

I use this in 2 ways:

i. Highlight & annotate the transcript

and it looks like this when saved as markdown & brought into Obsidian …

II. I just copy & paste the whole transcript including the timestamps - as markdown - from the Glasp dropdown next to the video [just CLICK COPY ICON - no need to highlight transcript!]

directly into Obsidian and using the media-extended plugin and …
using the Regex Find/Replace plugin:

Find: v=undefined - Replace with: v=XYXYXY
Find: &t - Replace with: #t
Find: s) - Replace with: )

I can play(directly in Obsidian) & navigate to all the timestamps and cut out or highlight the bits I want as well as read the ChatGPT summary if I’ve included it.

Hope that you find some of the above suggestions useful


Great information, thank you for sharing. I have the same question as the OP and as useful as your examples and references are, it’s less about crafting a note for the video as i am hoping to find a way to categorize video links from say YouTube, facebook reels, anything etc into a dataview query. This way if I’m working on guitar content or studying a topic or research, i can see a list of links with relative custom information in a graph view, hopefully even a little preview image. Seems this also could be doable where the links are pulled from anywhere like Daily notes so their dates found or used remain accessible, or the other notes they’re pulled from etc and the links remain there while being queried. I still don’t understand how tags alone within the context and body of a note could be used for this and have not figured out how inline could be used yet but seems this should be possible. If all the links need to go on a specific note or notes, that’s fine too. Would also be great if certain videos could be linked from either the attachment folder or via url link to a place on the hard drive should they disappear from the internet. Any help here is greatly appreciated!!!

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wow. thx. It’ll take a while to get through this. I’m wondering why you’re suggesting flattening out the tags. I have too many videos with too many people. A video of Joe Rogan interviewing Andrew Huberman would have People/Joe-Rogan and People/Andrew-Huberman because when I look at my tags I don’t want so much clutter.

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Exactly. Copying the youtube link and tagging it is already a lot of work and soon you have 1000s of videos. The purpose of recording this information is to retrieve it.

YouTube folders are horrible, you can’t even do basic nesting. Bookmarking is eh… I like tagging as it allows multiple ways to arrive at a video. You go … oh yeah it was Joe Rogan interview but … who was that guy again? They were talking about fitness and nutrition and stuff.

Now you can search for tags like Joe Rogan and nutrition and find the interview.

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I like Tiago Forte. The request is less to do with annotating a particular video than being able to quickly find a video that you like. Unfortunately YouTube fails miserably at this.

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I. I find the Google Keep Chrome Extension a very easy way to organize info including YouTube Links.


II. Example of using Obsidian Google Keep Importer
Omega-3 Rich Fish_via_IMPORTER_KEEP


PS: my tagging/labelling system - my current labels.

My labels aren’t special as in “nested” or such - I just adopted a naming convention that means something to me and sorts itself well alphabetically, looking like a pseudo hiearachy.

My labels are compounded & separated by “-”. The first part is reduced to 1 or 2 letters, followed by ones without vowels that are still decipherable and then a final “full” part … e.g.



- health nutrition - nutrients - protein - 

I also PREpend & APpend my labels with “-”.

I do this so that, after importing my Keep notes into Obsidian or Logseq, I can better “find” them in …

  1. Obsidian, Logseq graphs

  2. Regex(regular expression) searches

  • a lot of #otherPeopleTags appear after capturing information in Obsidian; to just see notes with my tags I do a regex search:


I also use extra “-” to “lift up” my labels to be sorted higher.

I changed the separator from “.” to “-” because “.” can cause problems/is illegal in some systems.

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GoodLinks or Anybox on mac

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