Organising The Bible in Obsidian

Hey, @tward09 I noticed you used Accordance and KBM.

Further up in that thread, I posted two comments about an Applescript I use to capture verse references directly from Accordance using TextExpander. The same could be done using KBM. It didn’t get much attention from folks when I first posted the script but maybe the Applescript might help you in your workflow.

Here are my comments about the Applescript and the workflow I use if you are interested.

Good luck to you!


Hey @Mike - I think it was your comment that made me check out Accordance in the first place! I’ll definitely take a look at the scripts. Thanks!

The issue there is that the render puts in several line returns which are normally hidden via CSS. When the export to pdf happens, it adds back in the original space. As the pdf export gets better options, it should resolve the problem.

I use e-sword. I’m wondering if anyone else has had a chance to convert the topx / notex files into something md-like. It’d be cool to have a tie-in to e-sword since it’s so powerful. Even the possibility of importing my old topic notes into Obsidian would make me a happy camper. Of course, I know there’s a million different bible software out there, so doing it just for one would be pointless, but maybe finding a workflow that would support several at one blow would be nice. Then, we could have a list of “suggested software” that could be used. (E-sword is at

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Yes I too use e-sword and would really like the compatibility.

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Hey @Thecookiemomma and @gcimmarrusti, sorry, I haven’t used e-sword and therefore have no idea on how to provide compatibility with e-sword.

However, I just shared a Beginner’s Kit to Bible Study in Obsidian that I thought is worth cross-posting. It reflects and expands upon the discussions in this thread and provides a hands-on way to engage practically with Scripture.

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Hey ! I was trying to do the same although I’m new to Obsidian. Just downloaded it a few days ago. I’m glad I found your comment. Could you tell me how you did that please ? Would help a lot !

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Hey! I’m new to Obsidian and I’m trying to do something with it with the Quran too. Could you share with me how you did it ? :relaxed:

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Soon I’ll open a topic about organizing Quran in this forum, if not yet created. Basically, I try to to make each verse has its file, and each word has its own file. I think making it atomic will be easier to analyze and connect, yet it’s cumbersome work.


That would be amazing! Yea, making the files won’t be an easy task but having a tool like this would be really cool. I will be on the lookout for a Quran topic. Can we keep in touch ?

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Sure, you can also DM me. Feel free to contact me. :slightly_smiling_face:


Hi. I thank you for all your research on getting the Bible in a useable format. I am not a programer and all of the apple script talk is very complicated and difficult for me. I have wasted days on it. I am wondering if I could hire you for some amount to create a ESV or Niv 1984 Bible in the format of my need. I need it to be where every verse has Book Chapter Verse. So it would look like this: Genesis 1:1 In the beginning… Genesis 1:2 The earth was without . . . Genesis 1:3… (This would be each chapter would be one note/page ) This will work great as I am now moving to and it has block references and if every verses is listed separately with book and chapter and verse, I can easily find them. Thanks for your consideration… Blessings. (I have tried your Bible Kit with the WEB Bible, in it’s current format it doesn’t work as a block reference.)

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I found a solution: has a version of their own (with no copyright) called Berean Bible – their txt version is in the exact format that I need. I am breaking it up into 66 sections (books) and it will all link by block to the exact verses. Thanks.

@Joschua thanks for inspiring me to create my own personal bible commentary with obsidian! For my use I thought it most helpful to create a folder structure for the entire bible where every vers consists of an empty text file (.md) that can be linked (and filled with notes or you can copy/paste the vers itself there if needed). It took me 5 days to set it up but now it works like a dream! Every time you link verses for example [[Dan 7,13]] it uses pre-existing text files. In this way everything stays well organized.

If anyone likes this approach I could send you a .zip file with the whole folder structure (but it’s in German, so you might need to translate it) :wink:


Hey @MichaelM, nice to hear you found an approach for you that works!

Howdy @Joschua. I followed your links and was able to make the Bible as described. Thank you!

A comment: While I was using I ran into an issue on line 31 which had a *. I deleted it and everything worked as expected. I’m not familiar with code so that may or may not have been correct, but it did make the code run.

I would like to share my setup.
I took the template from @Joschua (for downloading the bible) and imported my favorite bible translation.
Below the Text I place a reverence to each verse. This setup has some advantages for me:

  1. I have the whole bible text in my notes.
  2. I can place a reverence from each site in Obsidian to the bible text.
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For those who can read Hebrew there are excellent Tanakh, Apocryphal, Second Temple, and Jewish commentary e.g., Rashi, Rambam, etc. available at GitHub - Sefaria/Sefaria-Export: Structured Jewish texts and metadata exported from Sefaria's database. and The main texts are also available in English translations too. I have not yet tried to convert them into Obsidian markdown, but they are well formatted so shouldn’t be too difficult.


How do I do the range of verses script with Regex? I do not have a Mac, but Windows…

How do I do this with Regex? I do not have Mac…