Org-mode like time tracking?

Potential new user here, looking to migrate from org-mode. In org-mode, you can easily clock into and out of a task multiple times, and then display how long you spend in total on each of your tasks. It achieves this by storing data like

CLOCK: [2022-03-24 Thu 14:17]–[2022-03-24 Thu 14:27] => 0:10
CLOCK: [2022-03-24 Thu 13:46]–[2022-03-24 Thu 14:00] => 0:31

I couldn’t find any plugin that does something similar (at best they seem to support only a single start and end point), but perhaps I missed something?

I’m building a plugin with a similar functionality at the moment but I am only tracking time spent on files per day, so it’s not quite as granular was what you have in org-mode.

Which plugins were they, out of curiosity?