Org-mode like time tracking?

Potential new user here, looking to migrate from org-mode. In org-mode, you can easily clock into and out of a task multiple times, and then display how long you spend in total on each of your tasks. It achieves this by storing data like

CLOCK: [2022-03-24 Thu 14:17]–[2022-03-24 Thu 14:27] => 0:10
CLOCK: [2022-03-24 Thu 13:46]–[2022-03-24 Thu 14:00] => 0:31

I couldn’t find any plugin that does something similar (at best they seem to support only a single start and end point), but perhaps I missed something?

I’m building a plugin with a similar functionality at the moment but I am only tracking time spent on files per day, so it’s not quite as granular was what you have in org-mode.

Which plugins were they, out of curiosity?

Have a look at the (relatively new) plugin “Super Simple Time Tracker” (GitHub - Ellpeck/ObsidianSimpleTimeTracker: Multi-purpose time trackers for your notes!)

It creates a block in which the timer data is stored.

You can start/stop/segment the timers.

Pretty decent so far.


One of the great things about Obsidian is if you have any Javascript knowledge, you can basically make it do anything you want.

The format you’ve described there would be very easy to implement.

Here’s the way I track my time which is similar, and should hopefully be enough for you to modify it to fit your needs: