Orderly link withing one note

Things I have tried

What I’m trying to do

I am reading an article and I would like to record the result as typed below:
[[Third year]] faced the high [[A1]] along with [[A2]]
[[Fourth year]] have higher rate of [[A3]]
[[Female]] have higher rate of both [[A1]] and [[A3]]

I am expecting the graph view with show my link as [[Article’s name]] → [[Third year]] → [[A1]] + [[A2]]
Another branch would be [[Article’s name]] → [[Fourth year]] → [[A3]].

But the result was just [[Article’s name]] → [[Third year]] and [[Fourth year]] and [[A1]] and so on.
Would it be possible to indicate the link within the content I am writing, not having to create a new sub-note.

Thanks for viewing my problems. I tried looking for it in the Help section but it isn’t really clear

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