Ordered list with hierarchic numbering

What I’m trying to do

I would like to make a ordered list with hierarchic numbering.
With the following markdown code, the subitems renumbering starting from 1., also in the reading view

  1. Item Level 1 (expected 1. → correct)
  2. Item Level 1 (expected 2. → correct)
    1. Item Level 2 (expected 2.1. → not correct)
    2. Item Level 2 (expected 2.2. → not correct)
  3. Item Level 1 (expected 3. → correct)


Things I have tried

I searched the help and the forum about a solution but I did not find anything. I hope the solution is so easy, that I obviously do not see it. And I can not imagine, that nobody like to use hierarchic lists with obsidian.

I tried 1.1 for the subitem manually, but then the list is dead in this row. I tried serval ways of tabs or spaces, nothing works.

Thanks in advance

You could check the post below, and see if that solves your issue.


Thanks a lot for this information. I tried it and it works on macOS but not on iOS. Maybe you can check this. But for the normal applications on Mac and PC, this is a possible solution.

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