Optional offset to backlinks by specific number of lines

The current behavior of backlinks in obsidian is to redirect the user to the same text block that is linked. I would like to request a feature to add offset to links by specifying a number at the end of the link.

for example:

  • [[Note#Heading+2]] - directs user to 2 lines below the Heading in Note
  • [[Note#Heading-5]] - directs user to 5 lines above the Heading in Note

Points to consider:

  1. I know that this can already be achieved by creating a block reference by adding an id to the block I want to link to. But in my opinion adding a block id clutters my notes and It’s something that I would like to avoid if possible, to keep my notes clean and contain just my notes.
  2. A potential issue with this approach is that the block’s offset from header could be changed (in future) to a different position than where it was when the link was created.
    • the ideal solution is to automatically identify this change and update the backlink automatically when the blocks offset is changed - similar to how the file references are update when a file in the vault is renamed.
    • OR - a potential workaround is to automatically add an alias to the backlink - where the alias is the copy of block text at the time of backlink creation.