Optional note titles in Canvas view

For people who have H1 titles at the top of every note, the additional note title on top of the frame within the canvas is quite a distraction (and often gets in the way of arrows etc.).

Would be great to have their presence as an option that you could switch on & off

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This! I was coming there just to write the same thing.

Having that extra title text above everything in the canvas is quite distracting and a bit irritating actually, especially when it comes to images.

I would happily turn that off somehow in the settings.

Though, I see that this code also works to remove the titles:

.canvas-node-label {
  display: none !important;
  1. Go to Preferences > Appearance
  2. Scroll down to CSS snippets
  3. Click the “Open snippets folder” icon
  4. Open an existing css file or create a new one
  5. Add the code above > Save > Victory!
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