Optional configural row of keys/commands at the top of iOS/IPadOS virtual keyboard

Use case or problem

I’m a new user working primarily on iPhone/iPad. As I’ve posted earlier, since the iPhone/iPad virtual keyboard does not have the Apple Command and Option keys, I don’t see how to access or configure hotkeys.

Proposed solution

An optional configurable row of keys added at the top of the iPhone/iPad virtual keyboard. The Command and Option keys could be made available there. Likewise a few other frequently used commands/hotkeys.

Current workaround (optional)

No work around, but several apps for iPhone/iPad have this option. Most impressive is the one implemented in iVim, the Vim app for Apple mobile devices. The one shortcoming of it, though it’s not a shortcoming for it as a Vim app, is that it is not easily configurable. That’s not true of some other apps with which I am less familiar.

Related feature requests (optional)