Option to turn off spinning progress indicator in Linked mentions/Unlinked mentions

Use case or problem

In the backlinks pane I’ve been noticing the Linked mentions and Unlinked mentions and their spinning progress indicator more than usual and I notice it distracting me and creating some anxiety. Also ADHD here. It would be nice to turn off this visual indicator. My experience just now was having one document spinning the progress indicators for several minutes (on startup), and then occasionally anytime I would type in the doc it would spin the indicators.

Aside: Maybe the A-B problem is that there is some underlying performance issue causing the indicators to spin too often, and I’m associating the spinning with “it’s about to crash” (happens at least once a week, sometimes with symptoms of increasing latency between typing and words showing up on screen. maybe a combo of linux/wayland or vault on network drive thing. not sure how to best submit a bug/request for this).

Proposed solution

An option to turn off this visual indicator. Or only show it if the mouse is hovering over the backlink pane (the only time I’d need to know that obsidian is indexing something).

Current workaround (optional)

There might be a way to do this with CSS, but I’ll have to investigate next time I get a long spinning time.


.is-loading {
    display: none

Edit x2: This helps a little, but still simply typing stuff in a doc causes the backlinks pane to frequently do a full reload (all the items collapse and then load again), also distracting.

Edit x3: Oops this css completely breaks the search pane. It hides all results

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