Option to show URL tooltip when hovering over links

Use case or problem


This feature request is inspired by web browsers. When the cursor is hovering over a hyperlink, a tooltip is displayed to give the user some basic info about the link. Here’s an example in Safari 14:

Before I click the link, I can already see from the tooltip what domain I’ll be taken to (in this case, GitHub). I find this feature especially handy when reading blog posts with lots of hyperlinks in it.

The tooltip also dynamically changes in response to modifier keys, e.g. Download <url> when ⌥ is held down.

Use case in Obsidian

I use hyperlinks a lot when writing in Obsidian. Some are WikiLinks to other notes, some are links to local files stored outside Obsidian and some are web URLs. Personally my workflow could benefit greatly if Obsidian implements a URL tooltip feature so that I can easily grasp a basic idea of the content of the link without having to click on it first.

Proposed solution

The tooltip should allow users to tell, at a glance, if the link is another note, a local file stored outside Obsidian or a web URL.

Maybe we can even introduce modifier keys that, when held down, will directly open the linked file in the default application on click. I only attach images in my notes so I’ll leave this one to others.

Current workaround (optional)

Related feature requests (optional)


This seems like very basic, obvious functionality, having to click on links to find out what they are, or to get out of Preview mode and have to enter edit view for the sole purpose of seeing what the link actually is seems so fundamental, I can’t believe it hasn’t been implemented yet. And your idea of the modifier key… Wunderbar!

That is a core part of the purpose and functionality of hyper-links, the ability to have just one small piece of text replacing a long, clunky linked location, and normally, in any civilized web browser, a mouse hover over said link shows the full link in the status bar.

Let’s hope this is in Obsidian’s ToDo lists.

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I also see displaying the link target (as a tooltip or in the status bar) when hovering on a link as an essential feature.


This is very useful IMO, I believe such UX features could easily be implemented with a simple mouseover JS event in links tags and the URL could be displayed in the bottom-bar (at the left side of “x backlink y words z characters” text information. I currently need to click on the link or go to edit mode to see the URL address. I also would love to know if someone found a workaround to this issue?

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I thought about usefulness of this feature too. A small but very important change needed

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I found some CSS options here helpful👍

There’s also a plugin, if you want to go that route.

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