Option to show incoming and outgoing links only once

Things I have tried

I’m adding more cross note connections, in many notes I’m already mentioning “InterestingThing”, but the note [[InterestingThing]] is not actually linked.

Obviously I know the incoming and outgoing links pane, but when manually linking notes, each occurrence of “InterestingThing” is highlighted. Once I link one occurrence, the note appears in “linked Mentions” instead of “unlinked”, which is pretty close to what I would like. But ideally, I would like the option to automatically collapse the “linked Mentions” section and skip to the next possible outgoing link.

Is there a way to do that?

Addendum: I just re-read my question and realized a concrete example would probably help, especially since I mix incoming and outgoing links.

I have this note. It already links to another note [[FTP]], so in the outgoing links, it is rally not necessary to highlight or even show all other occurrences of “FTP”. So I would like to ignore all other “FTP” occurrences for this note, since the note [[FTP]] is obviously already linked.