Option to show embed boxes in edit view (even if not editable)

(Apologies if this should be a feature request not a plugin, mods please feel free to move!)

When I use Obsidian I am almost exclusively in edit mode. 95% of my switching to preview mode is to view transcluded text from other notes, the other 5% usage of preview mode is to view embedded images.

I have an excellent CSS theme that means that I basically live in edit mode. Markdown elements are small but visible, I can read and write in one view. It is great, except for the one thing that edit mode simply con’t do: display embedded content. For my use case (mostly academic writing and re-mixing ideas), being able to do everything in a single view would be game-changing.

I suspect the planned WYSIWYG mode might resolve this. (But I am also wary that the WYSIWYG mode has taken on an almost mythical status… and I expect it will not be all things to all people)

I also don’t know if this is even possible – I understand that the edit and preview mode are compiled with different systems/techniques, so maybe it is flat out impossible to add an element from one into another. Although on the other hand, I also wonder if this might be possible through CSS hackery alone, instead of a fully-fledged plugin/feature. Does anyone know if it is possible to insert a piece of content (the embed from preview mode) using .cm-hmd-internal-link::after?