Option to set bookmarks to notes

Use case

I like to set a bookmark to my notes. Every time I revisit the note, I continue from where I left off. I use the ‘@’ symbol as the bookmark, which I write at block level.

The problem is, most of my notes are many levels deep. When folded, the symbol is invisible. I’d like the symbol to be visible at all folding levels, like a kind of x-ray vision.

Possible solution

There could be a special syntax that when added in front of a symbol or word makes it visible at all folding levels.

eg ~^@

The result would be something like this:

  • level 1
    • level 2
      • level 3 @
  • level 1
    • level 2 @ (folded)
  • level 1 @ (folded)

A workaround: you can use embedded queries to list your bookmarked blocks somewhere.

I do this with #⫝. The search…

line:((-line /.*#⫝.*/))

will then return all bookmarks, so you can jump right to them.


Thank you.