Option to separate folders from notes in file explorer

I would like an option to have one panel for folders/subfolders and a separate panel that displays the notes in the currently selected panel. See e.g. Notable’s separation of tags/subtags and the files that fall under the currently selected (sub)tag.


This would be very nice. In OneNote, the Notebooks/Section Groups/Sections are separate from the Pages.

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Seconded. I’m wanting to move my entire system over from Joplin, not just the Zettelkasten and the separate panes are the one feature I’m missing the most


This would be most welcome. I used to use Joplin and OneNote too, and Obsidian’s file explorer put me off for a while. Still having troubles navigating. Hopefully we get solution some day.

You could use the plugin I created for splitting the folders and files to separate views. Just remember to turn on Evernote View from the plugin settings.

You can see how it works within this short video:

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I tried that, but missed the Evernote View -option (or it was not yet implemented)! This is perfect! One thing could make it even better, though. If the whole folder name line would work same way as the click to the plus-minus-sign. So if I press folder name, it will reveal files in that folder (or optionally files in subfolders, too, as it is already implemented) AND it will also reveal subfolders in the upper folder pane. Clicking the name of the folder again will do nothing in the lower pane, but will close the subfolders in the upper pane. This would be cool since now if I want to see files of the folder in the lower pane and subfolders in the upper, it will require two clicks (and plus sign is smaller target that the whole row :))

This plugin is excellent as is, though, and makes file explorer significantly better than the original. Have a good coffee!

Need this basic feature.

Thank you for sharing. I am unable to see the first option after entering the settings page. Do you know how to get around this?

Most probably you are looking at the wrong settings. It is enabled by default and I have never changed the option honestly speaking. Just go to settings page, navigate to the File Tree Alternative Plugin settings and the first option is “Evernote View”.

I have another feature request, auto close all nested child folders when close folder.

Would like to see such a feature added.

I have 2000 files and I have to wait a few seconds each time I switch folders.

Any plan?

This is “basic” note app feature.