Option to remove in-line display of embedded PDF's

Disclaimer: I am new and note a programmer so please forgive clumsy terminology. This is a request from a layperson

Use case or problem

I love being able to drag in PDF’s and have the image display “in-line” in the note, but I also want the option to turn this off for long lists/indexes of files without having to manually remove the “!” at the start of each link - very annoying for long lists (eg academic work)

Proposed solution

OPTION 1 - have a setting that can be toggled to "remove automatic in-line display of embedded PDFs

OPTION 2 - have a CMD-P (command pallet) option to mass-remove the “!” at the start of PDF links for a selected block of links

Current workaround (optional)

Manually removing the “!” at the start of PDF’s one by one