Option to permanently exclude page from graph view

Use case or problem

I take weekly notes. My week notes end up with a lot of outward connections. Especially my pages for my reports. I have todos like - [ ] prep for [[Keith]] #1n1. This makes the graph view difficult to view.

Proposed solution

Allow me to use front matter to exclude a page from graph view.

exclude_from_graph: true
# Mar 22 - Go live week

Current workaround (optional)

I could not link to reports and just - [ ] prep for Keith #1n1. Then when I go to put notes for the 1n1 just manually jump to the page. Just feels like I am not using the tool effectively.

Related feature requests (optional)


Iā€™m not sure if this works for you, but if you go to {Settings > Files & Links > Excluded files > Manage} you can set an entire path to be excluded.