Option to NOT remember folded headings when switching notes?

  • Obs 0.11.2

Is there any way to NOT remember the opened/closed status of folded headings when quitting/relaunching or switching between notes? I prefer if they are always all expanded by default when opening a note.

I have assigned a hotkey to “Unfold all headings” which helps a little, but it only works on the selected pane, so I have to first click the preview pane, then hit the hotkey. It’s tedious sometimes.

I see the feature that preserves the folds was added in 0.11. Hope a companion option to toggle this will be not too difficult to add.

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I know what you mean.

Along these lines, I just made a request about being able to fold while using the hover pop up previews. You may like the part where I suggested that maybe the folding state affected by these hover previews is saved separately from the fold state of the note. It sounds like if you had that setting and an ability to make all notes open totally unfolded, you would have what you are looking for, and some. But perhaps you would want the hover pop ups to always be unfolded ( the current behavior). Anyways, sorry if this confuses your request thread, but I thought it was pretty relevant, but would be fine removing it if you’d prefer.


It’s ok. I don’t use the hover previews myself, but I can see how it would be useful to be able to fold within them.