Option to Include Subheadings in Section Search

Currently (unless I’m doing this wrong), a search by sections will only bring up matches within a single heading but will not include anything included in a subheading.

For instance if I have

project Y


  • [ ] do stuff

The section search that includes [ ] and project Y will not pick up the task as above.

It would be great if there were an option to include subheadings in the search as well.

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@Sharknader27: Not sure if this will help, but the following is from the 0.11.7 Release Notes in the Announcements Category:

  • You can now nest a section: search within another one to search for sub-headings. For example, section:(Heading1 section:(Subheading))

Good luck. Thanks.

Thank you! I think this should work just fine with the OR function so I can search for the initial header OR sub headers with the same parameters. This is awesome.

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