Option to disable web preview in canvas

Use case or problem

I do literature reviews for my research in grad school, and I’d like to make a mind map. However, many journal websites have excessive information at the top of the page, making the canvas web preview useless unless the node is very tall. Also, many websites like medium include pointless header images and cookie requests that block the article title. Importantly, for academic papers, the plaintext article title is usually sufficient to distinguish between papers. Thus, (for my academic use-cases) the web preview for canvas nodes only makes the view more cluttered and takes longer for the canvas to initially render.

Proposed solution

I would appreciate it if there was an option to disable the web preview for all nodes in the canvas view (using a toggle switch in settings). Instead, the user would be shown a node with just the name of the website with a small link icon to show that the node is a link to a website and not plain text. That way, users could open the link if they want to read the article/site and won’t have to deal with additional visual clutter and extended loading times.

After posting, I realized that my Obsidian version was out of date. After updating Obsidian, the Auto Link Title plugin achieves what I want.

I’ll leave this post here in case anyone else has the same problem.

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