Option to disable rendering of linked pages

Use case or problem

I tend to reference my notes with [[page]] syntax. Page A references page B, page B — page C, and so on. The problem I have is with the Reading View and Live Mode (in Editing View), which render those linked notes. I would like them to be displayed the same way as in the Editing View (Source Code mode) e.g. [[Some related page]]

Proposed solution

Please add an option to disable rendering of referenced pages, both in the Reading View and in the Editing View (when Live Mode is On).

Current workaround (optional)

I have to use Editing View with the Live rendering turned off, no other workaround.

Related feature requests (optional)

Haven’t found a similar problem on the forum.

So you want everything rendered except links?

Exactly. The rendering of links is too verbose, sometimes linked pages have more content that the page they were referenced to, which makes reading a bit inconvenient. For me, it would be fine to skip rendering of links altogether. Another option might be to render referenced pages similarly to external links (links to external websites). Most importantly, I would not want the content of the referenced pages to be rendered.

Wait, actually, I’m confused. Are you ![[embedding]] notes instead of [[linking]] them? The only difference between a wiki link in source mode and one in live preview is that source mode will show the brackets. Links don’t render the contents of notes.

Ah, my bad. I just installed a mobile app and stumbled upon exactly that note, which used the embedding syntax, which I haven’t noticed… Sorry for the noise.

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