Option to customize the size of a node/point in graph-view

I like how Obsidian displays a node’s size in graph-view based on the number of files it links to, it’s pretty neat and simple. But for me it’s missing something.

I would like to be able to manually customize the size of certain nodes based on my personal preference. For example, as shown in the attached image, I have a node that I use as a hub (parent) to connect several sub-hubs (children). Since this node links only to its 5 sub-hubs, the point is quite small compared to its sub-hubs’ which each link to multiple files. I would like to be able to manually increase the point size of this top-level node so that it better reflects its importance (but also to be able to select it more easily in the graph).

A file-specific feature like “Manually override node size in graph view” would be great. Thanks for taking the time to read this and I hope someone has the time and skills to implement this feature someday!