Option to copy/paste graph colors

Use case or problem

I want to make a certain subset of nodes one color, and another subset of nodes a gradient of the same color.

I create a color group, choose the color, switch to the HEX view, and copy the code of the color.

Then I create another group, switch to the HEX view, and when I try to paste the code of the color, nothing happens. I tried to paste the code from a document, still nothing. The field does not seem to support pasting, so I have to write the code manually.

Proposed solution

Copy/Paste should be enabled for the HEX color field. There could also be a button to copy the color in the color-picker window.

Additionally, the selected color mode (RGB, HSL or HEX) should be remembered. Currently, every time you open the color window of a group, the RGB mode is always displayed.

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