Option to consider asterisks the same as text

I have imported all my passwords from Evernote to Obsidian. I found out the hard way that my passwords that include an asterisk, especially when in the middle of the password creates other problems or don’t appear. Now I don’t know which passwords are corrupted and which ones I can trust when I need entry to software or a website. How do I know which passwords need to be corrected??
Just need a simple option to be able to tell Obsidian to consider asterisks or any other special character as text. If this is not possible I will have to go back (sadly) to using Evernote.
Please advise. Thanks.

you should paste this in codeblocks.

Being the new guy, I don’t’ know where ‘codeblocks’ is.

For inline code something like:

this is a string with `th*56*&%`

For a codeblock:

this is a string with th*56*&%

I see. Tried it. Works good but that is helpful for any new ones aI create. So now to get my records corrected I would have to go back to the exported .enex file I imported into Obsidian and edit - - - to preceed every password with an asterisk in it and then re-import it.

I would put the whole list of passwords into a single code block rather than mark individual ones, especially since asterisk isn’t the only character markdown treats specially.

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