Option to change the shape of graph nodes

One way to make the graph more usable is by having tools to create visual hierarchy. One way to do that is by having options to visually distinguish between various types of nodes.

  • Color is one way.
  • Level of opacity could be another.
  • Shape of the nodes could be another.

Currently, the nodes are represented as circles. There could be an option to change the shape of nodes, in the same way you can change their color.

For instance, I might choose to display MOCs (Maps Of Content) as squares instead of circles.


Color and shape would be perfect, would it be hard to code it into Obsidian? And a way to link the MD files network to Neo4jā€™s Bloom or any other visual browser, ideally open source, to navigate the connections in a more intuitive and self-evident manner? That would be terrific.

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And it would be brilliant if these could be independent! For example costal settlements are set to blue, woodland settlements are green and mountainous are yellow. Cities are set to hexagons, towns are set to diamonds and villages are chevrons.

Following this logic you could clearly display nodes that fit into two categories. This could potentially be taken a step further by separating fill and edge colours (though it would probably reduce readability) or being able to change line colour and/or shape. I think the ability to convey different types of links could be really powerful!!!

This would be great for ACCESSIBILITY considerations, for people with color blindness.