Option to change the location of the creation of new directories

Use case or problem

Every time I create a folder with the button, it is created in the root of my vault. This behavior breaks my workflow

In all file systems, when I need a directory, I create it, it is natively in the current folder.

Example: I create a directory by projects in “Trunk/Projects”. When I work on a project, I go to my folder, I create it and give it a name.

In the current configuration, I have to create my folder, give it a name and move it into the project.

I had the same problem with note creation. However, you had the great idea to put a setting to choose the behavior of the note creation

Proposed solution

Can you add an option identical to note creation, but for directories

Copy : Settings → Files & Links → Default location for new notes
Add: Settings → Files & Links → Default location for new directories

Current workaround (optional)

Right click on the directory and click new folder