Option to center the graph

Use case or problem

You are able to navigate the graph it by dragging it. The problem is, you are able to drag it off the screen. This can make it hard to find your way back to the graph, especially when it is zoomed out, and when the graph window is small.

Proposed solution

Add an option to center the graph.


And/or there could be command/hotkey for ‟previous view” which would allow to trace dragging and zooming backwards, useful also to restore accidental unindended moves.

For inspiration, it is used in 3D applications like:

  • SolidWorks with icon image
  • SketchUp image

Both have also the feature similar to original feature request, called ‟Zoom to Fit” or ‟Zoom Extents” respectively. That not only centers but also zooms to fit entire model/graph to the window.

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