Option to automatically insert note title after [[..]] link

For those of us that include links to related notes, it would be great if Obsidian automatically inserts the note’s title after the link.

For instance, when I type this:

## Related 
- [[2020-05-01 134726]] Sunk cost effect
- [[2020-06-19 173839]] Overview of cognitive biases

I always have to re-type the note title so that the related links get more meaning. But that’s inefficient and a mundane task that can be automated! :slight_smile:

If Obsidian auto-inserts the note title for us, adding links between notes goes a lot quicker. It also creates a more richer link context.

The existing behaviour (i.e., simply inserting [[2020-05-01 134726]]) is helpful for inline text. So I don’t propose we throw that away.

Perhaps the feature can be implemented like this:

  • When enabled in the settings, holding down Shift while pressing Enter or Tab in the links drop-down menu inserts the link with note title.
  • Pressing Enter or Tab in the drop-down menu without Shift held simply finishes the link (without appending the note title).

(I searched the forum for existing requests, but might have used the wrong terminology for how people would describe this feature. My apologies if this is already discussed.)

Is your title the first heading?
Then you can link [[note#title]] and that should work.

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Thanks for the input. No, my title is set with the front matter like so:

title: "hello"