Option to autofill bookmark title with selected text during creation

Use case or problem

I feel that I am spending too much time drafting bookmark titles. I wish there were an easier way.

Proposed solution

For example, when bookmarking a block, you could select a segment of text, then hover over the block id before pressing the hotkey for “Bookmark block”. This would autofill the bookmark title with the text that was selected when bookmark creation was triggered.

Current workaround

You have the option of leaving the title blank, but I don’t find that very useful. A decent workaround is to select and copy text before creating a bookmark. Then you can paste the text into the title field.

Related feature requests

If too much time is being spent drafting bookmark titles, they ought to be accessible. See this relevant request: Option to use title of bookmark as display text for drag & drop links


I agree that there should be an easier way to rename bookmark titles. I am using notes with unique time stamp prefixes, a feature I want to avoid showing up in the bookmark panel. For links in my notes, I am using aliases without the prefixes.

My idea is to use the first alias of the note as the bookmark name. (If there are aliases for the bookmarked note.) I am uncertain if this is compatible with your feature request, which is more orientated to bookmark blocks than bookmark notes.

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Good idea, thanks!

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