Option to auto-enable plugins on install

It seems convoluted to me that I would have to go back and enable a plugin I just installed. Is there a reason for this?

I believe it is a security feature as third-party plugins cannot be restricted "to a specific permission or access level " at the moment. For more see:

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That explains a lot. Thank you.

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I’m not so sure about having to manually enable a newly installed plugin is a security thing. Of course installing plugins is a security concern, but if the user has already decided to use a plugin, then they probably trust the plugin and also want to enable it.

I do not see a reason why a user would want to install a plugin but then leave it disabled. (However, I can see a reason for disabling a plugin after trying it out, or disabling it temporarily, without loosing any possible related settings etc. But now that we are talking about installing plugins, I do not see any benefit in leaving a plugin disabled after installation.)

So, my primary suggestion is to change the behavior to automatically enable newly installed plugins.

If that’s not desirable, my secondary suggestion is to display a prominent message after installation saying something like “Ahoy, note that you still need to enable this plugin!”. Even though the Enable button appears right at the place of the Install button after installation, there have been so many times that I haven’t paid attention to that button and I have just closed the settings window and wondered why the plugin is not present in the UI.

Thanks :slight_smile: