Option to ask for confirmation before opening external/web urls

Add an option that will make Obsidian ask for confirmation before opening an external/web url

Use case or problem

Right now, every time I click on an http url in a document, it directly opens in the browser without further interaction. This might be problematic for these reasons:

  • the url might point to malicious web content
  • it might not be desirable to have certain urls in your browser history or on the network admin’s logs (eg. non-work website (reddit, twitter, social medias etc.) in your work machine’s browser history)

It’s especially problematic while editing a file in Live mode, because to edit an inline url’s text you have to place the cursor exactly at the edge of the url, and it’s easy to miss-click (if you’re not using keyboard navigation, that is)

Proposed solution

An option to ask for confirmation before opening external urls

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Another use case is simply to prevent being suddenly yanked out of Obsidian by a mis-click/tap.