Option for tabular numbers

Use case or problem

I recently read about the “tabular numbers” option in fonts and I would like this as an option in the default theme. In a nutshell, it enables monospace numerals for non-monospace fonts to help vertically align numbers.

I am not sure if all fonts support this. It is supported, see workaround.
My understanding is, this CSS property would be needed to enable it:
font-feature-settings: "tnum"

Proposed solution

Add an option to enable tabular numbers under Appearance > Font

Current workaround (optional)

  • create vault/.obsidian/snippets/tabular-numbers.css with
* {
  font-feature-settings: "tnum"
  • enable custom CSS in settings Appearance > CSS Snippets

Hi @Syphdias ,

Thanks so much for bringing this up, and for posting the CSS for it.

I wasn’t aware of the tabular numbers font option, but I work with lists of dates and numbers all the time, and having them line up with this option is a huge improvement in readability.

Thanks again!