Option for alphanumeric sort, not only natural sort

Use case or problem

In current version files in the file explorer (and in the search result) use natural sort order when presenting the results. This means that number are treated atomically, and that this is supposedly some files in correct order: zM7z, zM8z, zM701z. However I’m accustomed to using alphanumeric sort order, where the last two would be swapped.

I need/want this due to the file names, although it looks kind of random, is a custom pattern, where zM7z is a prefix or more general than the zM701z, and both should be earlier in the sequence than the zM8z.

The same issue would arise if you name your files using hexadecimal numbers, like the sequence of 0x01FF, 0x0200, 0x02FF, where the latter currently appear in the middle, and not at the end. This would also apply if you’re using UUID’s (like git ID’s) for filenames, and would like to look at them similar to the file sorting on at least macOS and Unix (which are using alphanumeric sorting). (Some say Windows do natural sort, but I don’t have one of those currently)

Proposed solution

Add an option to choose between “natural sort order” and “alphanumeric sort order” for file explorer and/or search result (and other places if used).

Do some minimal changes to the source code to change which sort function is used based upon this global option.

Current workaround (optional)

I’ve only recently started using Obsidian, and mostly love using this, so I posted a bug report when I discovered this [^1], and got corrected, and then I found that Obsidian has earlier opted to go for natural sort order (or some variant thereof) [^2]. In that thread they also discuss alphanumeric sort order.

Rigmarole suggested I do a feature request, and when I researched a little more I found this thread [^3] on doing custom sort, which goes far beyond what I need and expect for my sorting to do, but they do suggest an plugin [^4], “Custom File Explorer sort”-plugin, which I’m going to test out, but which does more stuff than I want currently.

My main goal would be to have the, for me, expected alphanumeric sorting available. When I choose a-z sorting, I expect alphanumeric, and not natural sort.

Related feature requests (optional)

[^1]: My “bug” report: Strange sorting
[^2]: Current sort order in Obsidian: Natural Order sorting of files names in file explorer - #9 by nixsee
[^3]: Custom sort (with more functionality): File Explorer Custom Sort
[^4]: Custom File Explorer sort-plugin: GitHub - SebastianMC/obsidian-custom-sort: Take full control over the order and sorting of folders and notes in File Explorer in Obsidian