Option-drag doesn't work on 0.11.0 on Mac Catalina

click-drag-option-unclick-releaseoption aka click-drag-alt-unclick-releasealt does not work on Mac OS Catalina to open a link in a dragged-to pane. The cursor-textbox text changes from “Insert link here” to “Open in this pane” but upon unclick the link just sucks back to where it came from and the dragged-to pane doesn’t change.

Possibly related to the fact that this key combination is native on Mac for duplicating items in mid-drag. If anyone knows how to disable this native behavior on Mac please let me know (Googling was fruitless) since I never use it and disabling it might work to fix this bug.

we will change this to click-drag-shift-drop on mac in 0.11.2

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