Oprimization of notes

Question about the use of MOC’s
New user about the organization of notes, specifically concerning notes I am developing on Koine Greek. In one note I may have 7 to 10 headings, such as topical use, use in the Septuagint, etc. Question regarding optimization, am I better off cutting and pasting each heading into separate notes and replacing them with a MOC in place of the headings.

I have searched for topics that specifically relate to my question but came up empty. Possibly because at 73 this is a form of note taking completely foreign to everything I have done in the past. I have watched a multitude of videos which sometimes only causes more confusion due to conflicting opinions, I apologize if this question is not appropriate for this group.

What I’m trying to do

It depends on personal preference and how you’re going to use the note.

When I have a similar case, I start with the large note that has multiple items, and as I want to link to individual sections, I refactor just those sections into their own notes. The Note Composer core plug-in or the Note Refactor community plug-in make it easier to do so quickly.

Some people prefer to leave the large single note, but link to individual headings or blocks. Obsidian is able to do that, too.

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