openSUSE Tumbleweed Snapshot 20231016 Breaks Obsidian

I’m not going to bother asking for help here, because I’ve already fixed the problem.

I’m writing here to notify anyone who might be using the AppImage on openSUSE Tumbleweed Linux that the snapshot 20231016 from today breaks the AppImage.

Obsidian loads with a blank screen as a result of the breakage.

I dumped the AppImage and installed the Flatpak. That still works - for now. I expect at some future update of Tumbleweed that it will break that, too.

Tumbleweed is a rolling release version of Linux which I made the mistake of switching to from the long-term support version called LEAP. Tumbleweed updates the systems with very large updates at least once or twice a week, if not more often. A lot of Tumbleweed users claim they’ve run for years without a major breakage.

All I can say is that since I switched to Tumbleweed last month, I’ve had a minimum of four major programs that I use regularly break and have been forced to switch to Flatpak versions from either installed versions or AppImages.

I’m now considering moving to Ubuntu for one simple reason: All software is developed to run on one or both of two operating systems: Windows or Ubuntu (and some of its derivatives.) Almost nothing is written to run on openSUSE. It’s not even in the top ten like Fedora or Linux Mint. Unless a package is maintained by openSUSE developers, it’s likely to have problems or not be ported at all.

I’ve learned my lesson and will be migrating to Ubuntu as soon as I can plan a way with the least muss and fuss.

Just a heads up for Obsidian users. If you must use it on openSUSE - or any Linux outside of Ubuntu - use the Flatpak version.

Thanks for sharing your experience. I changed the title to include the specific snapshot and moved the post to Share & Showcase because it’s not asking for help.

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