Opening with URI opens a new copy of the note even if one is already open

Steps to reproduce:

  1. Open a note (example “TODAY” in vault MYVAULT)
  2. Use URI method to open Obsidian (example for Windows: obsidian://open/?path=c:\MyVault\
  3. It will open a second tab of TODAY

This also happens on iPhone. It’s a problem because I like to assign a hotkey to bring up Obsidian quickly. In the case of iPhone, it’s a click of the side button. If I press it ten times in a day, it leaves 10 copies open.

Obsidian should look for an existing tab open to that note before opening a new one.

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  • We only consider bugs that are reproducible in the sandbox vault or a vault with no third-party plugins/no css snippets/default theme.
  • For Linux, we only accept bug reports that are reproducible with our Appimage package under Gnome or KDE.
  • Developer issues with the API and custom CSS issues should go here

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Steps to reproduce

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If it’s just a hotkey to open Obsidian, you don’t need to open that note. You could use:


There are a few existing threads if you search terms such as, “duplicate tabs”. There are some suggestions about plugins like “Close Similar Tabs”, or “No Dupe Leaves”. There might be others.