Opening .md file with Obsidian instead opens most recent file

Steps to reproduce

1 - Set Obsidian to be program associated with .md files through {Settings : Apps & features : default apps : choose default apps by file type : (and then chose look for a program on this computer and pointed it to the obsidian app in

2a - with Obsidian not running, tried opening one of my Obsidian-created .md files by double-clicking on the file in Windows File Explorer

2b - with Obsidian not running, inserted a link to an Obsidian-created .md file into a Word document, using {insert : link : insert link : (and selecting the .md file) }
- I then ctrl-click on the link to open it

Expected result

.md file to be opened in Obsidian

Actual result

in both cases (2a and 2b) Obsidian opens, but with the most recent file I have had open when using Obsidian, not the file I had selected.

(NB - separate and I think unrelated, but just in case, in Word I do get a couple of warning messages about links being potentially unsafe - let me know if you need these)


Windows 10 Home, vers 1909
using MIcrosoft 365
Obsidian v0.9.17

Additional information

we don’t support obdisian being the default app for markdown files. Open a feature request if there isn’t already one.

OK, I’m not sure that is what I meant to imply. The problem I was trying to describe was that when I open a .md file, it doesn’t open that file, but rather it opens the last file I had open in Obsidian. For clarification, if I right-click on a .md file in File Explorer, and choose {open with : Obsidian} it will start Obsidian, but show me the file I previously had open, not the one I selected.

I’m not very technichal, nor a coder, so I might not understand the technical implications of “default app” part of this.

I understand what you are trying do.
We don’t support (read handle) you opening obsidian through right-click open with or configuring obsidian to be opened by default when you double click on markdown files in file explorer.

If you want to link to a specific file in your vault within word, you can try using Obsidian URI

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If you open Obsidian it will open a saved workspace, that has the files and panes you had open when you closed it. Starting Obsidian from a right click open with of some .md file is treated the same as opening Obsidian any other way: it will load the last workspace. It ignores everything else.

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Thanks for the clarification, and the URI suggestion. I got that to work, but is a bit of a business. I’ll have to re-think whether it’s worth the effort to link from Word, or if there’s another way of doing the same thing (maybe a script to convert the file path to the right format).

Yes, I love the saved workspace. Definitely don’t want that to change. Except when I come in from Word :blush:

I see you’ve written some stuff about your first 100 days, so I’ll go have a read of that.

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you can use copy Obsidian Uni from the ... menu

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Oh mate, thank you. That’s what I was looking for. Just didn’t know what it was. Really appreciate your help and patience.