Opening Help Opens New Instance With Different Settings/Plugins

Steps to reproduce

Click on the “Help” icon (question mark in a circle), located above the “Settings” icon (gear).


Click on “Open Vault” & choose “Open help vault”.

Expected result

I expected that any settings/plugins that I customized to persist into the “Help” instance of Obsidian.

Actual result

It appears that accessing “Help” opens a new instance of Obsidian with the default settings & plugins.

I’m not completely sure they’re the default ones, but they’re drastically different that how I had mine set & assume they’re the default.

It’s not a huge issue as once all instances of Obsidian are closed and it is reopened the user’s custom settings do persist. It is just initially confusing & misleading.


  • Operating system: Windows 10
  • Obsidian version: 0.9.1

Additional information

All settings are per vault.
Help is its own separate vault.
Each vault is self-contained.
iirc the Help vault always reverts to its default settings and CSS,

Thank you, that certainly makes sense & explains it.

That should probably be documented somewhere. I was assuming that the settings were global rather than vault specific.

An ideal location to document this behavior would probably be somewhere in the “Settings” or “Open Vault” section (or both) of the application itself. That would prevent the user from having to have read the documentation to understand that the settings are per vault.