Opening file from graph view in right bar replaces graph with file


When using the graph view in the right side bar, I seem to recall that clicking on files would open them in the center pane like the core calendar plugin. For whatever reason, clicking on files in the graph pane completely replaces the graph view and I have to manually open a new instance of the graph view now.

Is this behavior intended or is it possible that I changed a setting somewhere that caused this?


Above the graph there’s a button to “pin” the graph. If you pin it, then it will start opening the files in your left pane.

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I played around and realized I could pin to fix it. I’m just a bit annoyed because the graph icon is replaced by a pin and I already have a pinned tab for a google keep custom frame. I just don’t recall needing to do this before, so was curious if something had changed. Is that the default behavior for everyone?

I looked around and actually can’t find any evidence it worked the way I thought it did before so I’ll mark pinning as the solution for this.

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