Opening a specific vault directly

Things I have tried

What I’m trying to do

I’d like to create a shortcut to open directly one of my vaults in Obsidian.
I have keyboard maestro (KM):

    • I tried to open a URI (but don’t know if possible with KM): “obsidian://open?vault=Mon%20Réseau%20de%20Savoir”
    • tried a command : open “obsidian://open?vault=Mon%20Réseau%20de%20Savoir”
  • I tried opening Obsidian then throw a shortcut I assigned to open a vault command but then how to select the vault I want ?

Your URL encoding is off, characters like é usually have to be encoded as well.

I created a vault named: Mon Réseau de Savoir

The below was able to open it, on IOS.


I used the below link to convert the vault name I used to URL Encoded: (Input box under section titled “ URL Encoding Functions”)


thanks, I made a macro in keybord maestro running a script with :slight_smile:
open obsidian://open?vault=Mon%20R%C3%A9seau%20de%20Savoir

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