OpenGate - Embed any website to Obsidian

Hi everybody.

It’s good to see everyone here, hope everyone stays healthy and benefits from Obsidian.

Recently I was thinking, why switch back and forth between Obsidian and Chrome, while Obsidian runs on Electron (it’s just like a browser). You know, developers, we code like fools, so am I, and I ended my day with a plugin that allows you to embed any website into Obsidian, for example I am embed Wiki, sentencestack, and… ChatGPT.

The plugin is simple and easy to use, so I don’t know how to recommend it. That’s it, I’m waiting to be approved. then you can install it. Or you can download it from my repo.

Have fun.

My pull request: Add plugin OpenGate by nguyenvanduocit · Pull Request #1417 · obsidianmd/obsidian-releases · GitHub

My plugin repo: GitHub - nguyenvanduocit/obisdian-open-gate: Help to open a gate from Obsidian to internet. allow you to embed any website to your Obsidian.


I downloaded main, manifest and styles, installed the plug-in, restarted Obsidian. I don’t see the webpage anywhere.

In the settings you have a pin toggle, and a pin option (left, center, right). What do they mean?

Please explain.

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My bad: the toggle must be “Position”. Fixed in version 1.0.5

As for the position setting, there is a rule which panel will be used to display the website when you click on the ribbon. Left: the left panel, Center: the center (largest) panel, and right is the right panel.

For the issue, does it still happen? can you open developer tool and show me its screenshot?

These are my settings:


I opened a new tab hoping the webpage would appear there, but it does not.

You ask for a developer tool screenshot, but I don’t know what part, so here is the unscrolled top part:

hummm, let’s me show you a video on how I use the plugin. Tell me if it can help you or not. btw, there a bug on icon generation, I am fixing it, but it’s the cause.

New version released:

feat: Auto detect title, icon.
fix: Icon is hidden in prev version

Did you check Custom Frames Plugin ?

This videos shows a use case (ChatGPT):

OK, I know what I did wrong: I have the ribbon hidden because I activate everything there with keyboard shortcuts.

So, when I unhide the ribbon, i.e. show it, then the Bitcoin magazine icon was visible. Clicking on it opens the webpage.

So, my question is: is clicking on the icon in the ribbon the only way to open the webpage? I would ideally like to keep the ribbon hidden.

You can also use command: Open gate “…”

But you can update the plugin, I just make some improvement.

Thanks, I updated the plug-in.

Opening via the command pallet works fine. However, I have set it to open in the center, but it opens on the right, both by using the ribbon icon and by using the command pallet.

weird, it works fine for me. Well, after changing the option, if the tab is open, you have to close the tab first, because the plugin will try to activate the tab first if its url match with the gate you want to open.

I have OG set to open in the center.
When I open it from the ribbon, it will open in the active tab and replace whatever is there. If I then want to go backwards in that tab to the note it was showing before, it is not possible.

So, I 1st have to open a new tab, then activate OG from the ribbon.

If I want to activate OG from the command palette (which I personally would not do BTW), then the webpage is opened in the right hand sidebar.

From my personal perspective, the plug-in is fine as it is :grinning:

haha, do you have discord, my user name in the obsidian discord server is @duocnv. maybe I can call you to fix it.