Opened an existing folder as vault, but some sub-folders do not appear

Hi all and developers,
I’m really happy to find this cool software. I just installed the software and opened a folder (Markdown/) with some sub-folders and MD files in there. I was hoping to see all sub-folders and MD files in that Markdown/ folder to appear in my vault, but some sub-folders do not appear in the vault (some do appear, some don’t).
Does anyone know why, and most importantly how can I fix this (so that all sub-folders and all MD files in these sub-folders appear)?
Thanks in advance!

Are there any special characters in those subfolders’ names? Obsidian doesn’t play well with colons, for example.

Do those folder start with a dot (.)?

are those folder symlinked?

No, they’re just regular folder names with ascii alphabets like “test,” “tmp,” “logbook,” and the like.

No, they don’t start with a dot (.) often used to store config files, I guess. As you point out, .obsidian folder does not appear too, but needless to say, that’s how it should be.

No, they’re not symlinks too.

what is your OS? Are some of these files in some could service?

A bit related question: where does Obsidian store configs and information about which folder is a vault?
I used Windows to try Obsidian (0.10.8). I find .obsidian folder right under the folder I chose as a vault, and it seem to hold info about settings. I used BCUninstaller to uninstall (and delete registry keys) to see if the problem will be solved. But it seems Obsidian “remembers” where the vault folder was? I could be wrong.

OS I used to install Obsidian is Window 10Pro (20H2). Yes, kind of. Files are stored locally, but they’re synced with hosts (laptops).
home directory/
- synced directory/
– other synced directories/
– Markdown/
— sub folder 1/
— sub folder 2/
— sub folder 3/
I chose Markdown/ as a vault, and only “sub folder 2” appears, for example.

Thanks for the link. I should have done my homework.

synced how? are you sure the files are really there. Perhaps it looks like they are there, but they are actually on the cloud and downloaded on first use?

Another thing, if it does not contain sensitive info, can you zip the vault and dm it to us here or on Discord?

WhiteNoise, thanks for all your replies.
Files and folders actually exist on my local disk as they’re created locally (as opposed to created somewhere else, synced, look like it exist, but sync service saying “there are sync-able files on the cloud.”)
Other sub-folders include personal notes, so maybe I should do the following first: uninstall, make sure config files and info are wiped, make sure Markdown folder doesn’t contain Obsidian related files, and see if the problem still occurs. If it does (i.e., still missing sub-folders), I’ll come back here.
Thanks again for all of you who kindly replied, and also for the developers who are creating this cool software!

if you can send us a minimal subset of your vault that still has the issue, that would be ok too.

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