Open vault via command line (in linux)

I’ve created a few vaults (with ‘open folder as vault’ option). Am now trying to open them via command line with something like:
obsidian-executable path/to/my/vault-folder

but can’t find info on how to do that, in any of the countless posts with seemingly related questions. Is that still not possible (I’m on linux)? Only info I can find is to use xdg-open (after setting up app support, etc.). It’s fine to have support for xgd-open, but very limiting to those who don’t use it. I would be great to support opening vaults directly without any other third party dependencies (at least on linux i would argue this can be seen as most basic feature of any program, and very much in tune with what users generally expect “just works”)

… or have I just missed this in the docs somewhere?

Thanks for the great tool, otherwise.

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